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At the age of 15 I found a way to express myself and show the world who I am. I started composing my own music and enjoyed every moment of it. At the beginning music was not great at all but I continued developing my passion toward music composition. 
At university, while completing an economics degree, I continued my active musical education, continuously refining my composing skills and took classical singing classes. I eventually became assistant to my professor and renowned composer Irena Popovic, who recognized and fostered my talent. 
After graduation, I dedicated myself to composing music in various commercial spheres, including videos, commercials, video games, short films and feature films. I have been working with producers and artists around the world, blending cultures, styles and genres, from China to the US.
Aleksandar Zavisin


  • Composing
  • Orchestral arrangement
  • Music transcribing from audio files
  • Sound effects editing
  • Songwriting
  • Singing
  • Instruments: Piano and Guitar
  • Programs: FL Studio, Sibelius, Digital performer.


Role: Music composer

Film festivals

  • 2017 Apr.: Selected to be part of official program at Nashville Film Festival , Song competition (USA).
  • 2017 May.: Selected to be part of official program at Near Nazareth Festival (NNF) , Song competition (Israel).

AZ music team

Assistant composer: prof. Irena Popović
Expert Associate: prof. Dragan Đokić
Associate composer, sound record, edit and mix: Ivan Ilić Studio
Choir: “Singing Professors” (conductor: prof. Marina Čengeri)
Orchestra: “Banatean Rhapsody” (conductor: prof. Dr. Euđen Činč)
Studio Band: “DNK
Lyrics: Zorana Tomić
Voice over: Jovana Božić (Serbian)




2017 Dec.-…  “The sky’s the limit”- cartoon, 14/21 episodes, by Holger Metzger (Shanghai, China).
2018 Jan.-… Soundtrack for Escape room PC game. (Serbia)
Oct.-  Feature, drama “Blizanci” by Feniks Film Prijepolje (Serbia)



Book trailer, Katia Ricciareli (New York)
– TV show, Hani Alasali (Saudi Arabia)
– Feature, Action/Crime City Limits by Isaac Caad (Las Vegas, USA)
– Feature, Horror by Miroslav Mitić (LA, USA) & Bojan Vuk Kosovčević (Serbia)
– Short, Horror-thriller by Michele Clerici (Switzerland)
– Epic feature by COFFILMS (Brasil)
 Sci-fi short movie “ Trina Foxx ”, by Renaldo Creative , (N. Carolina, USA)
short “Chronicles of bird chanting”, by Jakub Micuch – Perun Cinematic (Poland)
 Horror feature Phoenix Woman by  Elham Madani (USA)
 Fantasy feature Super She by  Elham Madani (USA)
 pilot TV series “ The Midlife ” by Kayla Sutton (Florida, USA)
 Short film “…” by Mariana Braga (Toronto, Canada)
Feature film “The Mamaluke” by Glenn Callahan, Morning star Ventures (California, USA)
Short film “CHANGE AND CHAIN” by Vittoria Citerni di Siena (Italia)
– 2018 Cartoon by Raymond Zachariasse (Netherlands)
– Feature, Documentary “Sudden Cry”, by Pankaj Purohitand Babita Mogdil , Camel through the needle films, (Mumbai, India)
– Feature … by Ron Becks (USA)

Feature, Drama “They”, by Aziz Almograby (Saudi Arabia)

– Feature, drama by Feniks Film Prijepolje (Serbia)



May Short Fantasy “Dragon Egg”, by Jacob Tillman
April Feature Horror, Black Hole Sun”, by Timothy Gaer


Dec 18/Jan 2019 Orchestral arrangements of Hans Zimmer and Ennio Morricone music for Star-entertainment, Jaka Bizilj (Berlin, Germany)
Nov. Feature, Horror “Demonic Doorways” by Pia Justine Cruz (Australia)
Nov. Assistant composer for theatre play “Mali Pirat/Little Pirate” by Tivat Theatre (Montenegro). Director Milan Karadžić 
Oct. Sound edit and sound design. Escape room Novi Sad, Marko Plavšić
Sept. Horror “Demonic Doorways” by Pia Justine Cruz (Australia)
Sept. Trailer “SuperHope”  by Roy Peker (UK)
Sept. Commercial for transport company Massar Sollutions (Abu Dhabi, UAE)
July Short drama “Oroborus”  by Rojda Tekin (Turkey).
June: Soundtracks for short film by Pankay Purohit (India)
June Demo vocal tracks for musical “The Match Breaker” by Russell Chan (Canada).
May Short film“O que ha por tras da porta?” by Rafael Santos (Brasil).
May Feature, Drama “Bir Denizcinin Dogum Günü”  by Gültekin Bayir (Turkey).
MayI, human” TV educational series, 21 episodes, by Dullwich College (Shanghai, China).
May Short film “Sensitive”, by Md. Ariful Islam (India)
May  Short, drama “ Don’t Forget to Breath ” by Darvin Reina (LA, USA)
April/June Soundtrack for 2 Escape Rooms, Baltic Escape Rooms (Germany)
April  Music for 2 commercials, babies product (the Moms Co.), Aexor Entertainment (India)
March Soundtrack for 5 short movies by Pankaj Purohit (India)
Feb. Soundtrack for 3 short movies by Alex Hawthorne (USA)
Feb. Asistant composer for theater show “Kad bi Sombor bio Holivud” (Sombor Theater, Serbia)
Feb. Short drama “The Tyrant” by Jason Gilberts (UAE)
Jan.  “Alex and You” TV series pilot by Kateryne Mark (Zurich, Switzerland)


Nov. Song arrangement for songwriter Barbara Findlay-Cordova (USA)
Sept. Short, horror TV show“ Magic Maddy: The Park ”, “Absurd TV Show” episode 310, by Mark
Schaefer, (LA, USA).
July Commercial, babies product (the Moms Co.), Aexor Entertainment (India)
July Short horror film “ Those People ” by Noah A. Waters III, (California, USA)
April  Documentary healthcare series by Creg Parks, Healthcare Planet (California, USA)
April Commercial, Mumbai restaurant , Aexor Entertainment (India) Link
Feb. Pilot TV series “American Ghost” by Canopy Media Productions, (USA). Link
Jan. Short travel-experience  film of city Jaipur, India, by Shachi Sharma, Aexor Entertainment (India)


Dec. Short film “ Wistful ” by Kayla Sutton (USA)
Dec. Music and SFX for online slot games. Client Owen Cullum, Great Britain Link
Oct. :Music and arrangement for Hymn “God Will Restore the Meaning of His Creation of Man”. Client: “Christian
Holy City Church”, Flushing, New York.
Oct. Short horror TV show“ Magic Maddy: Disjointed ”, “Absurd TV Show” episode 210 , by Mark Schaefer, (LA, USA).
Sept5 promotion videos for ARFF film festival 2016 in Berlin, Barcelona, Amsterdam and Paris. Link
July. Short films project “I am coming Elena”, by Rishi Goswami, Concept and Films (India)
July Music for short film by Satyendra Pandey, India, for Tiff shorts festival
June World Humanitarian Awards announcement in Hollywood. Client: Elham Madani .
June Music for official trailer of Wind international Festival 2016. Client: Elham Madani. Link
June Director reel, Moe Lynch’s (USA). Link
June Commercial  for kids,  indian watch producer Lenco Watches. Link
May: Album „Beautiful day“ for private client from New York. Genre: mix (ambient, classical, instrumental,
pop/rock/jazz music). One song
April: Watches commercial. Client: “ Lenco Watches”, India. Link
Jan. Horror soundtrack for Escape Room in Vršac. Link


Dec.: Composer assistant for professional theatre show “Nora“- E. Jelinek, director Snežana Trišić. Premiere: dec. 2015. In “Yugoslav Drama Theatre”, Belgrade. Official trailer
Sept. Album „The new beginning“ for private client from New York. Album was promoted at Virtual Reality fair in New York. One song from album


2012: Soundtrack for short documentary movie about Backgammon. Client: Bitter Tony (UK). Lin

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